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Can an umbrella company work for you

What is an umbrella company?

A PAYE umbrella company is a standard UK limited company, operated by a third party supplier acting as an ‘employer’ on behalf of its contractor employees. A contract is signed between the umbrella company and recruitment agency (or end client) on behalf of the contractor who will be carrying out the assignment.

The umbrella provides a payroll service to its employees, processes all timesheets and invoices, and pays its employees a salary after allowing for deductions.

You can reclaim the cost of any legitimate business expenses you incur as a contractor, however what you can claim depends on whether or not your contract is deemed to be under the ‘Supervision, Direction and Control’ (SDC) of your client. If your contract work is caught by the SDC rules, you cannot reclaim the costs of travel and subsistence.

You can if your contract is not deemed to be caught by the SDC rules. You can read the official background to these rules, which took effect from April 2016.

Do you need an umbrella company?

If you’re looking to join an umbrella company, simply fill in this short form, and we will get right back to you to answer any questions, and to give you a take-home pay illustration.

Setting up with WIS Umbrella

  • Call or email showing your interest with WIS Umbrella.
  • Once a meeting is set up with WIS Umbrella, how an umbrella company operate and the service we provide will be explained.
  • An email will then be sent over with additional information along with a pay illustration.
  • When you choose to sign up with WIS Umbrella, we would request for compliance documents.
  • We contact your agency or client company and request an agency/client contract.
  • The agency contract shows the terms with which we engage with your agency on your behalf.
  • Once Agency contract is signed we would then send over the employee contracts to be signed via Docu-sign.
Setting up with WIS Umbrella
  • Once Employee contracts are signed we will now set you up on our portal where you can view Payslips and Paysummary.
  • We will also sign you up with WIS Rewards and you will be able to benefit from amazing deals and discounts.
All set up
  • You will now be fully Setup with WIS Umbrella and our portal.
  • Setting up with WIS Umbrella is that easy and will take care of our employees with great service.
Umbrella Employee
  • Once you become our employee, your approved timesheets from your agency needs to be sent to us.
  • We raise the invoice with your agency.
  • Agency sends the payment to WIS Accountancy and WIS would do the pay run and process your salary.
  • After all the relevant NI and taxes being deducted we would transfer your slary, same day to your bank account.
  • Your Payslips and Pay summary will then be available to view through WIS portal.

Want to see how WIS Umbrella can help you?

Schedule a free no-obligation chat with a umbrella expert and let us help you make the right decision.